Google still holds the thorn as the ‘King of Search Engines’

No one can beat Google search engine when it comes to searching something on the internet. Figures reflect it! If we have a look at the past figures, Google has always been the leader and it’s not different this time as well. Figures from comScore show that Google is by far and large the most popular search engine amongst people with more than 65% of share in global searches, leaving others in the dust. The statistics were not published by the website but they were made available on request of other publications and GigaOm was the first one to provide these online. A big surprise came in the form of Yandex that crossed Microsoft to become 4th most popular search engine in the world. Although Google holds the fort as the leading search engine as well as the leader in unique searches as well, but surprisingly it has marked a drop in unique searches, over the past few months.

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