Its happy birthday to Google’s Panda Algorithm

Targeted towards content farms (a name used to describe websites that created low quality content in higher quantities that ranked high in Google’s search results), Google had originally planned to launch updates under the name ‘farmer update’ in 2011. But two years ago on February 24, 2011 Google brought forward these updates by the name Panda Algorithm that hit SEO industry like a storm. Although, not specifically mentioning that the updates are against these farm sites, but at the launch Google’s Matt Cutts replied to a question asked by the media persons regarding what was the main target sites of this update ‘I think people will get the idea of the types of sites we’re talking about.’ However, the targets hit by Google’s panda updates within days of the launch became visible and software companies even brought forward the list of websites affected because of these updates. It’s been 2 years since the launch and the losers are still losing a lot because of these updates that Google brought forward.

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