Know how to Avoid Over Optimization Penalties from Google

Most of the internet businesses are flourishing today with the help of optimization strategies. However, website owners can soon face penalties in case if their site is over optimized. With the tightened requirements of search engine giant Google; website owners should have a moderate approach towards optimization. Let us tell you a few strategies by which you can prevent the over optimization of your website – The first precaution involves inviting titles without using too many keywords. Too many keywords for a better ranking will only deter visitor. Instead, make use of primary keywords in order to attract users. Secondly, use of internal links should be avoided along with repeated keywords that only redirect a visitor back to the same page repeatedly. Thirdly, try to avoid variations in keywords on a large number of pages. Fourth, an extremely important point to remember is to avoid any sort of junk on the page. One of the commonest ways to attract a penalty from Google is by having spam or junk on the pages of the website. The final thing that one needs to keep in mind is to prevent having too many links in the footer. Practice all of the above pointers and save your website from over optimization penalties from Google.

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