Less obvious ways to getting a good link-profile!

It is obvious that back-links are critical for a website’s ranking, but this is just a tiny part of the big picture: the-link profile. Let us talk about some less obvious features that make a healthy link profile (the biggest factor of ranking). Back-links are controlled by anchor texts, and diversity happens to be an anchor text’s most important quality. Therefore, the first factor is its diversity, which should be displayed in branded form. Branded means, it should contain name of the company. Next factor is a semantically relevant anchor text, which helps in diversifying and enriching a profile. Combining a branded anchor with other phrases and words creates a diluted anchor text which is considered good in the post-penguin SEO era.  SEO Another important component is relevancy of the linking site. It means the back-links should come from websites that share the similar topic and niche. A good link-profile will have links from relevant and quality content, surrounding the anchor. A link surrounded by discussions that are related closely with your specific area, will increase the worth of link profile. A site that on its own is not a spam, but has links pointing towards it from a spam site is called vicariously compromised linking site. These links are in bad neighborhood and will have a toxic effect on the profile. Just like content, links also get stale, and therefore fresh ones will yield higher output, compared to older ones. Next factor is co-citation, also termed as co-occurrence. It is nothing but simply a mention of the website A by website B, even if there is no linking or anchoring between them. Getting a brand name mentioned by high value sites will do well from search engine point of view. Links coming from high ranking sites have higher value, but to make them truly effective, they should be followed ones, instead of carrying no-follow tag, as the former one directly contributes to the link profile. Next feature is how deep the linked page is. Most of the links are associated with the homepage, but the ones that are linked with the internal pages of the site are far more valuable and helpful in strengthening a website’s authority. A healthy link profile will contain plethora of linked pages, displaying them not only to the homepage, but other subpages as well. This is called diversity of the linked pages. Paid links are spam, and not healthy for a website’s profile and ranking, especially the ones, which are abundant. Higher the number of link-backs to a page, better it is, but if links are coming from the same site, it’s no use. Whether there is only one link coming from a site, or twenty, Google is going to consider both the same. A good profile will never use an article directory for the purpose of link building. In fact, it is suggested to remove them if a profile is stacked with such spammy article directory links.

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