Local directory listings boosted by Google’s latest algorithm!

The newest algorithm by Google is out. The algorithm being called Pigeon (which is not its official name) rolled out a couple of days ago. Unlike other updates, this one is aimed at refining local search results. Although there are no reports that could say the number of queries that are affected by this update, but observation by SEO experts say it is a significant one. The update has impacted both Google web searches as well as Google Maps. Google-Pigeon-Update The types of websites that have gained maximum benefit from this algorithm are the ones that provide local directory listings. Quite recently, one such popular website, Yelp complained that Google was manipulating and controlling its search results and showing its own local listings before yelp pages, even when the users were specifically looking for yelp reviews for a particular restaurant or hotel. In one of the examples Google showed the official site of Gary Danko (a restaurant based in San Francisco) when a user fed in the query ‘Gary Danko yelp’. Along with restaurant’s official site, search engine displayed its Google+ page and links to similar associated content such as reviews. Now that Pigeon updated has rolled out, this problem has been fixed. It seems not only Yelp, but other directory sites like TripAdvisor, OpenTable and Urbanspoon are also benefitting from this update.

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