Meet the New Bing – Microsoft is all set to Re-Launch Bing with a Three Column Search Results and a Social Sidebar

Bing has been reinstated, offering improved search results, which tap into the power of social network media. In a few coming days, the online spiders in the US will witness, experience and enjoy the ‘ALL-NEW BING!’ Hey, Wait- Does that mean Bing did not already have social network sites as a part of its search experience? Yes, Bing did have social sites as a part of its search experience, but now Bing hopes to do much better, especially by off-loading social elements into a new slide-bar section. Concisely, this revamp of Bing is to incorporate social media into search in a flawless way that is why the result will pop up with a new slide-bar column teeming with social elements. The idea behind the New Bing, as mentioned by Microsoft is “The New Bing introduces hottest information architecture along with a 3-column design that focuses on bringing you information from the internet to aid the users take action and interact with experts, kith and kin without compromising the core search experience.” What is in the New Bing? Core Web Search” Bing lately availed a new search result page, which focused at de-cluttering the entire result page. Now, the New Bing will display relevant, detailed and trustworthy search results. Therefore, when you are browsing to obtain work done seriously, Bing will provide you with relevant, comprehensive and un-cluttered results to focus on. Snapshot: Search results boats of a ‘snapshot column’ that will provide information to users bout certain places such as businesses, movies, restaurants and hotels. You just need to type in the movie title and you will avail all the relevant details of the shows, bookings, map, reviews, timings and contact numbers. Sidebar: Google+, LinkedIn, Skype, Foursquare, Quora, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter- you just name the social networking site, it is there on the new ‘social sidebar’. This is the hub of “all things social” on Bing Search. Your web searches will be private as Microsoft has stated, “The sidebar will appear as a segment of every query, but it will remain off to the right, facilitating the web users to decide how and when to interact with it. We have transferred most of the social content out of the chief search pane and placed it in a dedicated place, where users can always expect to find it.”

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