Mere 8% rise in Banned advertisers on AdWords as compared to 2011, is it a good sign?

In its blog post this week, Google has put forward statistics showing the rise in bad ad number posted on Google AdWords and banned by Google. As per the report, there has been a rise of 67% in the number of advertisements banned by Google’s expert as compared to 2011. Talking in terms of numbers, it comes out to be 224million. Although this shows that there is no shortage of scammers on the internet looking to fool Google. The rise is number is just 8%more as compared to the rise in the year 2011. Last year, Google brought forward several updates in in the detection systems to make it more transparent in terms of ad quality, to punish the counterfeiters and spammers. Although the number seems to quite large, but at the same time the plateau in the rise of number of spammers signifies that Google’s efforts to keep the scammers from congregating towards AdWords, are paying off.

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