Mobile App Analytics- know what your users are doing

Google Analytics has always been an important part of the web marketing. It provided statistics and reports about websites’ traffic and performance of the marketing campaign. However, Google Analytics is also available for mobile app developers. Since mobile app emerged as one of the biggest aspects in the IT industry, Google Analytics was also integrated to track and measure the mobile app engagement of the users.

Mobile App Analytics- know what your users are doing

Technically, this tool starts measuring an application from its launch on store to download. It provides insights to find the new visitors, learn from users’ engagement or improve it and track your sales/leads. It is available for the apps of several mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. You will have to install SDK (Software Development Kit) for your respective platform and implement it with your application. For start, you will get following features that provide information about your product –
  • Details of users and sessions – You will get comprehensive information about the users of your app including their numbers. You will also get information about their frequent visits, sessions and their durations.
  • Details of the operating systems are another part of mobile app analytics tracking.
  • Details of the device models used by users
  • Where the users came from. Geographical reach of users can also be tracked using Google Analytics for your mobile app
You can also add additional features in Google Analytics to get more information related to your applications. Here are some of the additional features – Actions or events – You will get full information about the actions taken by the users inside your app. It includes every click, achievements (in games) and completion of objectives etc. There is also developer’s guide for event tracking. Details of Ecommerce – You can also track all the details related to the in app sales. It includes the number of downloads and purchases of items. You will also get details of in-app payments and the revenue you are generating from it. Analytics about users’ behavior – In Google Analytics, you will also get comprehensive reports about the behavior of users. You will get customized reports that will help you in analyzing the places of improvement. It will also help in understanding what your application’s customers want or which type of users want a specific item or how to change your marketing techniques to gain more customers. Details of conversions – It will provide the details of conversions. You can set a goal for conversions and also track it. With the comprehensive data of users, you will know what they want or prefer or where they spent most of their time and many more. It will help you in analyzing and improving troubled area. You can also make improvements in those areas, which are most preferred by visitors to increase conversion. Real-time reporting – You will also get the feature of real-time reporting with Google Analytics. It will help you in knowing who is using your application. With above mentioned and many more features, app marketing is becoming easier for developers. mobile-app-analytics How should you set up Mobile App Analytics: Here are some of the key points to remember: Tracking of apps in property – Number of apps tracked in same property is limited, which prevents exceeding account limit. You can track an application in its property via separate tracking ID. It prevents the combination of records. Tracking of platforms in property – One app for variety of platforms can be tracked in separate properties. You can also see comprehensive data in one platform. Analyze the performance in different platforms with reports. Tracking of editions (on the basis of features) – Track the various editions of application in separate or same properties. It can be tracked on the basis of features, whether similar or different. It combines and compares data in reports while preventing accidental comparison among dissimilar data. Tracking of versions in property – Variety of version of an app are automatically recognized, which reduces the need to new property creation. Compare existing and new versions. However, before setting this account, you need to keep your reporting goals in mind.

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