More than 50 million and counting – the number of pages removed because of DMCA requests

If you are aware about the Google Pirate Update that was brought forward to penalize the websites (which have more than usual number of legal DMCA requests), then you must also know that a huge number of websites were affected from it. In a recent disclosure by it came out that more than 50million URL’s/ search results were penalised by Google and taken down in the year 2012 alone. The exact figure that came out in the analysis was 51,395,353. Another fact that came in the report was that RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) emerged as the leader of the lot, with 7,816,766 take-down requests. The update came in August last year and had a huge impact on the web-world. The number is surely going to see a huge rise in the coming times as many companies use this strategy for making their websites popular.

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