No Google maps for Windows phone? What’s the buzz all about?

Don’t get scared just by reading the news. There is no legal tussle between Google and Microsoft or any mobile users. However, on Friday all window phone users were unable to access Google maps on their phone due to unknown reasons, rather it redirected them to Google Home Page. As per Google representatives, “We have not made any sudden change on its end that could lead to such problem.” According to the statement sent by Google to The Next Web, “In our last test, IE mobile still did not offer a good maps experience with no ability to pan or zoom and perform basic map functionality. As a result, we chose to continue to redirect IE mobile users to where they could at least make local searches.” Giving the possible reason behind this problem, the representative said that “This was because Internet Explorer on Windows Phone wasn’t a WebKit-based browser and so Google Maps wouldn’t work it.” Adding to the above statement, it was told,” Recent improvements to IE mobile and Google Maps now deliver a better experience and we are currently working to remove the redirect. We will continue to test Google Maps compatibility with other mobile browsers to ensure the best possible experience for users. This would soon change, since the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows Phone was now apparently Google Maps-capable.”

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