Rich Snippets & Markups – Works like glue that glues a Surfer to a Web Page

Have you ever wondered how some websites are turning into currency printing machines despite of their poor home pages and why some ‘piece of work’ kind a websites ululating for clicks? If you ask a website savvy (web developer), he may come up with ideas of SEO or website rankings, but in real there are few other things that matters and two of them are Rich Snippets and Markups. Rich Snippets: These are actually few textual lines that appear under below every search result. To work on a website’s rich snippets is very important because it is general perception that when a user searches on Google, he normally uses a keyword or otherwise his search will be random. In these cases, a user will be expecting a website of which results are most nearest to his query. This is where rich snippets comes into action and assures the better engagement of users with a web page. Markup format: irrefutably, there might be cases where despite of Rich snippets’ application, a website may fall in the list of low online traffic websites. In this case, one needs to check whether the correct format of markups is followed or not. Here one also needs to check whether marked-up content is representative of content page or not? One must check that the review mark-up must be confined to one particular product or service and must not use it for listing multiple products. In addition to these, the search leader suggests that web developers should use HTML5 micro data and micro formats. Hence, implying all above mention techniques can assure the bond of surfers and websites.

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