Search engines are posing threats to libraries’, what figures have to say?

If we look at the recent study carried out by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project we come to find out some amazing facts about the popularity of libraries amongst Americans. As per the study 80% of the American aged more than 18, believe that libraries are important 77% say that access to internet and computers is one of the most popular services of libraries 80% believe that reference libraries are very important All these lead to a conclusion that although people have become dependent on search engines for finding all the information they need, but libraries still hold great importance in their life. However, the fall in %age of people using libraries raises a serious question on the results of this study. In fact, there has been a 22% decline in the number of users (aged 18+) going to libraries in the past 5 years. The fact that search engines and internet has made it possible to get books on the internet, with 40% of people getting the access to books online, clouds of threat to the being of libraries are rising big time.

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