SEO-Bing does not take as kindly to bad grammar as Google

There are plenty of things that go into a successful SEO campaign and good content is one of the most essential prerequisites, if not the most essential and good grammar is the most important binging agent of any post. Duane Forrester from Bing once stated that fact clearly on the main webmaster’s blog for Bing, pointing out the significance of well worded content.SEO Services However, Google is relatively kinder in the same context. While content remains the kind, regardless of which search engine’s algorithms are in question, Google does not mind bad grammar and comments et al. Regardless of whether to not you hold one of either Google or Bing in higher regards compared to the other, grammar or for that matter the overall quality of the content is not something to take lightly, or for granted. The popularity of any post depends primarily on its impact on the readers, who might get upset if the quality is not up to par. Without readable, helpful and viable content, even the greatest SEO professionals can get handicapped, in a manner of speaking.

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