SEO strategies that you must avoid

Search engine optimization has become the need of hour for the websites. However, you must avoid certain strategies to get the best benefits from SEO. What are those strategies let us have a look –

  • Use of splash page to enter the website is a big no. it might look aesthetically pleasing, but it is not an effective means of SEO as you are forcing the client to click and extra link, before entering the website

  • Stuffing the content with keywords is another major thing to avoid, rather than that focus on providing relevant information and display content which is helpful to the user

  • Adding numerous internal links to every page of the website should be avoided, as it might not give a user-friendly experience to the visitors

  • Never even think of using the same content for two pages if you want your website to be ranked amongst the top search results, as search engines treat duplicate content as spam

  • Do not box the content in pictures as the search engine cannot read text written in image form. Content plays an important role in SEO, therefore try to free your content as much as possible

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