Social Media Facts: How Social Media Can Harm Your Business

Social media is a powerful platform that provides the opportunity to increase customer base and revenue for every business. But, if not approached properly, it can backfire too. Take a look at the few instances for how social media can harm your business- Communication is a two way process – Social profiles are created for increasing communication between companies and customers. But what if you receive plenty of complaints and criticism from customers? Criticism can severely impact your business’s reputation, sales, and revenue. To save your business from such a situation, pay attention to what your customers have to say about your business/products/services. Even if there is a bad feedback, acknowledge it with courtesy, and try to win back you customer. Maybe, offer some something complimentary. Not acknowledging criticism or aggressively replying will only harm your business. How Social Media Can Harm Your Business Too much interaction with customers – Why existing or potential customers like your business’ page and follow social media account? To get relevant information! However, too many Facebook posts and tweets can annoy followers. Understand the thin line between sufficient and too much. Unprofessional approach is dangerous – Nothing could be scarier than an amateur handling your business’s social media profiles. One wrong move and you may open door to series of negative feedbacks and criticism. It is necessary to hire someone professional for managing accounts on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter etc. Not understanding the difference between personal and business accounts – There are times, when business owners forget the difference between business and personal account, and post updates according to their thought and beliefs. Chances are high that many customers may not like your personal beliefs. Enough damage will be done to your company even before your realize your mistake. Keeping a professional approach is advisable. Understanding the limits of Social Media– Social media must be used for marketing, however considering it as the only thing your business needs would be a disastrous mistake. Good management of Social Media can help in getting more customers and revenue. However, Social Media alone cannot do much good for your business, which is why you need to work on other channels as well; otherwise, your business may miss on the other available opportunities.

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