Steps to Avoid Penalty for Over-Optimization

Yesterday, my boss came to me with a worried look; he was concerned with the latest buzz of over optimization happing in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Being a Team Leader of SEO in my company, I told him that all we need is to follow the following steps to curb over optimization and saving ourselves from penalty. Let me tell narrate what actually I told my boss –

  • It is commonly found that a link has been introduced on a keyword on a site and it usually happens within the content. Ideally, there is only one anchor text link that is allowed on a page. Therefore, to make desperate efforts in order to link the pages for a particular website is not at all a constructive step and it will only end up making the website look junky.

  • I came across various websites, where the keyword in the content has been used for the text block repeatedly, which in actuality have nothing to do with the content. Doing this, they expect the websites to have a decent ranking, which according to me is next to impossible. Most of the times, the content of a website has various anchor text keywords which have been used without any context.

  • Having three pages on same topic also qualifies for the over-optimization. Well, let us think it practically. Is it really worth to have three pages that are similar, the simple reply would be ‘No’.

My boss was quite happy with me and I assured him that I would keep a track of all these above-mentioned points.

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