Take your Game to Next Level! Think about Tracking

If you start a journey, without knowing where you are heading to, there are two possibilities, either you will be making a milestone or you will become a milestone (a lost bird), perhaps this is the reason behind, “where we start is where we end.” The same is the case of paid search agreements or discussions. Most of the clients are unsure about their business marketing goals, dilemmatic about choosing the right combo of ‘clicks, actions or conversions’. They want all three of these and that too on a lower cost. Let us make the picture clear for all you out there; if one is aiming at all three, i.e. you are in quest of maximum clicks or actions, you cannot do it without tracking, simply something that will not happen. It is undeniable that this tracking is really something that nerds do, it is boring, tough, irritating, demands technical brains and above all, someone with a marketing taste/brain, does not like it all. However, as per expert’s opinions, “this tracking, if done properly in an aligned manner, assures the success of paid search campaign”. The astonishing fact here is most of the web programmers and marketers lack the expertise of conquering this tracking thing. Some of them use, Google analytics tracking pixels while few others use Adwords tracking pixels and many of the rest use, both. This tracking can take your game to next level and one can maximize his paid search keywords to a ROAS (return on Ad Spend). Therefore, if you really want to see you e-commerce business doing well, tracking is a tool you should rely upon.

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