The added advantages of skimmed content

Search engine optimization or SEO has taken the Internet by the storm, an effective SEO strategy can work wonders for a business. Those working to improve the search engine ranking cannot deny the role of unique and good content. It is a common misconception among people that there is no use of focusing on quality and quantity of content as the audience is merely interested in the attractive visuals such as pictures. However, this is not true as there are basically three types of audiences for content, the first, as mentioned above, do not read through the content, the second who just skim through the content and the third who read each and every word of the content. This brings us to an important issue that what type of content is useful in order to enhance the ranking of the website. The answer is simple that the content should be informative as well as easy to skim. Moreover, the content should not act like an obtrusion and should be noticeable to the visitor. The headings of the paragraph should be short and catchy as most skimmers do not look beyond the first line. Therefore, it is imperative to have an emphasis on the start of paragraphs. Make the content aesthetically appealing by using bold, italics and bullet style of presentation in order to avoid the monotony. Adding images can also help to attract visitors to any given page. Those looking for their websites to do better can easily make use of these tips and give a more positive feel to the pages.

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