The Data Highlighter Tool – let’s see what Google has come up with this time!

In a recent update on the Google Webmaster Central blog, Google announced that it has come up with a latest tool that will make it easy for the users to mark up the web pages with structured data. With this tool named ‘The Data Highlighter Tool’, the trend in adding structured data to the web pages is going to change. Unlike earlier days, when the only way to perform the task was by making changes in the HTML code for the website and adding it there. But now, with the help of this tool, all this is now possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. Google’s correspondent has told that the tool is also will help to make the process of tagging the data on your site much faster. The tool will guide you through the tagging process initially, and if you have a constant for all the pages, then the database will learn the format and will speed up the process for the next pages. However, currently the language option for this mark-up tool is limited only to English, but Google will surely add to it in the coming times. Let’s see, what impact does this tool is going to have on the web world!

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