The Loopholes Tracked in BIC’s (Bank of Information Center) Website Part 2

“This article is continuation with the previous article under the same title, where we talked about the loopholes tracked in the Bank of Information Center’s Website. Last week, there was a wonderful article cum inside story of the loopholes discovered by the author, in the website of BIC i.e. Bank of Information. He brought some major setbacks about the website into the limelight and solution as well. In this blog tip, we will be exploring the setbacks and in the continuation, we will share author’s suggestions for improvement on the discussed website. The author in his research beautifully mentioned that, the whole website needs to be re-worked and the process will go as follows: The website needs to rework on various things starting from its design, which is very outdated and throw the impressions of 1990’s websites. The web portal owners must have turned blind eye towards these essential updates because of their stiff budgets or time or resource consideration, but now, they need to change it in order to get maximum out of it. They need to fix the keyword list and the need to test their website on the parameters of SEO strategies. They need to fix the title tags, description tags, Alt tag and image tags for not less than 50-100 pages. The website is completely out of touch with social media implementation concepts and for better marketing/promotion approach, website must have social sharing icons of social networking website like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. The purpose behind this link sharing is not only promotion rather this will be a method by which BIC can ask other web portal owners to have a link with BIC though anchor texts. The result of this will be improved BIC rank for keywords. The conclusion made by author was, “if a website is underutilized, it will simply afflict the amount of traffic, which shares a close relation with internet marketing and business revenue to the last.

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