The Loopholes tracked in BIC’s (Bank of Information Center) Website

Last week there was a wonderful article cum inside story of the loopholes discovered by the author, in the website of BIC i.e. Bank of Information. He brought some major setbacks about the website into the limelight and solution as well. In this blog tip, we will be exploring the setbacks and in the continuation, we will share author’s suggestions for improvement on the discussed website. A view about BIC and its website: Bank of information center is a non-profit organization as described by author and acts more likely a surveillance system or watchdog group for the World Bank. This institute as explained performs various function, but when it comes to the website updating and internet marketing or search engine optimization strategies, the website stands blanks and scores only 3.5 marks out of 10. The marking criterion was based on followings: The through scrutiny of website’s appearance, appeal, targeting pattern, accessibility and information present The examination conducted to check the social medial presence and web 2.0 existence SEO strategies implementations like: ranking, content, promotion or back link proliferation, keywords, links and etcetera. Then comes the evolution of structures, meta tags, tags, usability Evolution results based on above parameters According to the author, his first experience with the page was, like he is surfing hand coded a web portal of late eighties on an old 486 computer system;, simply outdated, out of this earth. He later on mentioned that, website content was so downgraded that, it took him nearly twenty long minutes, just to judge, what exactly BIC stands for, in technical words, poor usability. There was no social media’s presence on the website, no blog, no forum; nothing at all. The only thing this website was blessed was an update section with nothing new. On the website, there was no trace of SEO strategies; the keywords chosen were depicting the work of some uninitiated SEO toddler. The anchor text analysis says that anchor texting was done very poorly and were not serving BIC’s ranking at all. There were huge mistakes with title tags and URLs, instead of using region names for linking regions, there was only number such as for Africa’s home page, it was region1.aspx. In addition to this, Meta tags or description tags were missing and duplicate content was found. The navigation pattern was also noticed as out of fashion and above all the website’s design was simply throwing impressions of a college assignment because it was not at all a professional’s work. In our next article, under the same heading and introduction, we will be sharing author’s recommendation on improvement of this website.

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