The Quality of App Store Optimization Decides Your App’s Fate

Major app stores like Google Play and App Store are flooded with the apps, which means that getting your app discovered can be extremely challenging. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the ideal marketing practice that helps you accomplish intended results. What is ASO? App store optimization is a process that is used to improve the visibility of a mobile app in the search results of the app stores. An app that ranks well in the search results becomes more visible to users, which ultimately results into more app page traffic. App Store Optimization (ASO) Why ASO is Essential? It has been found that more than 60% of apps are discovered via app store searches, as it is the most used methods for discovering new apps for the download. It simply means that denying app store optimization, you will struggle to boost the visibility of your app. Therefore, if we say that ASO gives you the privilege to decide the fate of your app, there will be nothing wrong in it. How to Optimize? ASO is a long and complex process that requires time and a set of special skills. Even though it takes time to deliver results, but can definitely produce fantastic results. It also gives a perfect platform to your other app marketing strategies as well. You should get in touch with an expert or you can get started with ASO using tips given below- Research– It is the most important part of app store optimization program. Begin your research with your app by finding factors such as its performance in the searches and on what terms it ranks better, if it is ranking well. You also need to do research about your competitors not just see where your app ranks compare to them, but also to find their targeted search terms and for what terms they rank well. Keywords– Once you have finished your research, you will have a good understanding of keywords that are ranking well or keywords that you should target for your app. Use keywords that are associated with the essence of your app. Keyword placement is another vital factor, as the correct location of keyword can help your app rank higher. App Description– Your app description plays a significant role in helping users make a decision whether or not they should download the app. It is an opportunity for you to express the magic features of your app in your own words. Add a short and unique, but impressive description that will leave an impeccable impression on the users. app_store_optimization App Logo– Your app logo should be iconic that gives users a glimpse of what your app is all about. Icon of the app is first thing users reflect upon, which why you need create an impressive and eye-catching logo with a cool 3D effect. Remember, it is all about being unique and standing apart from the competitors. Screenshots– Many quality apps fail to achieve the desired numbers of downloads because they consider screenshots as a feature list. Using screenshots gives you an opportunity to express your audience why they should use your app. Remember, a picture can say thousand words? Therefore, make sure to use screenshots that define the whole story. Reviews and Ratings– Mobile apps with better reviews and higher rating rank better is not a hidden secret anymore. Therefore, it is vital for you to ensure that you have positive reviews and have addressed negative reviews appropriately. Remember, you do not need to beg for good reviews and ratings, as you need to earn it by offering the best. However, you can encourage users to post more reviews and leave suggestion for improvements. Quality Analysis– You just cannot afford to ignore the QA aspect, as you need to make sure that your app is free of bugs and will not crash to make users delete it immediately. Remember, all your efforts and hard work can go in vain, if your app has any bugs or issues associated with its functioning. Category – You also need to understand that the category you select for your app would influence the ranking factor for that particular arena. Hence, you should carefully select the category, which is most relevant to the type of service your app offers. Therefore, at the end we can say that ASO is a crucial requirement that gives you app the most needed exposure. Difference in ASO for Google Play and The App Store Even though ASO concepts for both Google Play and The App Store, but still there are two main differences. Difference in ASO for Google Play and The App Store Keyword Entry– The Apple App store includes a keyword entry field in iTunes Connect to establish keywords. Publisher selects these keywords and the field is Only 100 characters long. While Google Play receives the app keywords from app description and has enough space to add more keywords, because the field is 4,000 characters long. App Names– Usage of keywords in the app name enables app to rank higher in the both stores, but there is a difference in the characters allowed. Apple allows 255 characters whereas Google gives only 30 characters to name the app. Want to maximize the numbers of downloads? ASO is the best possible way to achieve desired visibility and increased app popularity. However, in order to maximize the numbers of downloads, you should also combine it with other marketing channels that can include both paid and organic marketing methods.

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