Tips for making your website search engine friendly!

For people looking to get a website designed for their business, here are some simple tips that will help in getting a search engine friendly website –

  1. Good keyword research, to get an idea about the words that people search the most on the internet, is going to be the initial step

  2. Emphasise on creating better meta tags, having different titles and descriptions

  3. Limiting keyword repetition in the meta tags can work wonders

  4. Try to minimize the use of spread sheets, containing cells & tables, to enhance the website design

  5. Once the website is complete and indexing has been done, pages that did not get higher rankings, you must get them re-designed or improved to get better results

  6. Keeping an eye on the website traffic and search engine rankings even after the website has been completed, is a must

  7. Most important of all, try to keep it as simple as possible

  8. What most designers do is overdo things with the graphics images and programs, which can prove to be disastrous for the website and its search engine ratings

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