Type ‘Sell’ to get Apple Stock Chart in Google results! Is this another Easter egg from Google?

Google is always in the news, for one reason or another. This time, however it seems like Google has cracked, what seems to be quite a serious joke, on Apple. If you search for the word “Sell” on Google Finance, the results would bring the stock charts for Apple. On being asked, whether this is a joke like the ones Google has been known to make, Google’s representative said that this time, it is not so. Giving the possible explanation for this search results, it was said,” This is not deliberate. Our algorithms seem to be keying off the words ‘Sell’ and ‘Sells’ in the description of this very popular stock symbol.” It was also stated that Google is working on how to adjust things so that it does not happen again. But if you dig deeper into why did this happen, you might raise your eyebrows. If all what happened, happened because of the repetitive use of the word ‘Sell’, in Apple’s stock report, don’t you think Amazon should have been there at the second position in the results (if not first)? “Amazon has the repeatedly used the root word ‘Sell’ unlike Apple’s stock chart, from where ‘Sells’ was picked for the results of the keyword “Sell”!

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