Use a landing page to build your email list!

If you’re spending a good deal of money on advertisements and SEO campaigns, you should know the importance of directing the generated traffic to logically extended pages of theadvisements and leads. These pages or ‘landing pages’ are crucial to note the increase in the generated traffic.This is significant especially, for any kind an E-commerce website. Search Engine Optimization You can use the landing page to collect valuable information like e-mail and name. This will help you while developing an e-mail marketing strategy. Even if you’re not selling any products online, you can still use a landing page for your college, restaurant, etc. An e-mail marketing strategy would prove helpful for a number of commercial ventures. Of course, you can use the landing page, for sales too. If the landing page leads to the sales page, not only do you have vital information, related to a potential customer, you might just have made an actual customer. Once you have the email address of the person, consider offering free stuff like an e-book, software, coupons, etc. as a part of the marketing strategy. This kind of trust building is an easy way to build your company’s customer base.

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