Website design – follow the ‘Keep It Simple’ formula

Website designing is something that helps you connect to your customers. Therefore, you must give due importance to getting an efficient website designed for your business.

But do keep in mind to follow the ‘Keep It Simple’ principle, which most of the business owners forget and end up getting little traffic on their website. Here are some tips that can help you getting a good website design –

  • Do not confuse the visitor with too much graphics and animations
  • Make the navigation of the website user friendly
  • Focus on providing relevant information, rather than beating around the bush
  • Provide systematic information on every page, so that the user is able to understand better
  • Try to make the website easy to load by compressing the images files
  • Color and font selection of the text should be done appropriately
  • Create a site with minimum mouse clicks i.e. little gap between your user and the information
  • Always keep on updating the information on the website to make it search engine friendly
  • Make sure to employ relevant Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Create a website that connects with the customers

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