Website design – make sure you avoid these horrors

An efficiently designed website has become the need of modern business. However, there are certain key elements that you must keep in mind while designing a website – 1. Do not make the customers wait – making the website attractive by using various graphics is a great idea. However, all that can make the loading time of the website very high, as these graphics are quite heavy. With a slow website you are testing the patience of the visitors, which you must avoid 2. Too much of information can be too much for the visitors – another major thing to avoid is stuffing too much of information on the website. Keeping in short and simply is the key to a successful website design, as the visitor can get confused if there is too much clutter stuffed on the site 3. Splash and Flash is a big no – using flash images and graphics, rather than content can be a good idea, however going over the board can make the website look like lacking content. Using splash screens while redirecting to another link can be annoying for the visitors. Therefore, these two are a big no!

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