What does most websites need, while developing?

Despite of plethora of Websites on web, not all websites are rich in design, content, markup, features and functionality. Specific requirements are need to be met by experts, while developing websites. Let’s take a look at those few common things that are to be met while developing website-Web Developing
    • Proper navigation: Website comprise of numerous web pages that needs to be navigable. Link styling, semantic use of lists, marking the current page and other essential things are to be taken into consideration while developing navigation coding.
    • Well-formed title: Website browser comprise of title bar, which ideally needs to be meaningful, so that user gets to know about the website, instead of seeing the site over and over again.
    • Contact address: Website needs to have a contact, so that user is able to submit their queries at times of problem with the service or product of the company. Experts need to build a secure contact form, so that genuine users can submit their queries.
    • Site map: Though site map is not necessary, but having one on the site is not bad.
    • Standardized Markup: Using of right markups is must so that compatibility is ensured. Thus using of tables, break tags, bold tags or any other markup tags for that matter needs to be appropriate.
    • Helpful error page: A site must have a “404” error page, so that at times when user is lost, it help provides them the directions to go to the relevant site.

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