What Google has to say about the ‘News Keywords’ tag for Google News?

Google came with the concept of ‘News Keywords’ meta tags in September last year. Answering the questions regarding why Google did not use the standard meta-keywords tags for the news? Or how has the concept been going, the representative came up with these answers – ‘There are two major reasons for this, first there are times when making a lengthy headline for the story? Or the fact that the headline includes the terms most people would search. The second reason is that there are journalists who want to stick to headlines that make overall sense in context to the printed news, rather than understanding the idea of writing for digital world where descriptive headlines play a key role.” The concept was designed keeping in mind that there is news, in which the titles do not contain the key terms that people might search for, while looking to find news. And hence, the use of meta-keywords tags for news is so important. Google’s officials have not commented so far on how this concept has been going. However, with these updates, they have put some light on how this concept can be used to make the news more effective for digital news.

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