What makes Facebook a rockstar for traffic?

  In the last 10 years, Facebook has totally revolutionized what we knew about Social Networking Websites. Now, big social networks like Facebook itself stand as gigantic platforms that can be a game changer for your website’s fate! Facebook is not only being used by individuals for sharing their messages, audios and videos but businesses also use Facebook for driving traffic to their websites Here are a few effective tips that will help you in turning Facebook into a tool that generate substantial amount of traffic in a short period of time.facebook traffic 1. What you have to say about yourself? As with Facebook or any other social networking website, if your profile is not interesting, you cannot become popular. Make your profile public and include all important details in your profile. Create your business profile in a manner that compels visitors to follow your profile. 2. Wall and photo gallery are the start performers! Facebook give business owners an exciting opportunity to write a lot about their business and associated objectives. Include interesting images, audios and videos to grab attention of users. 3. Numbers matter! Invite friends, acquaintances, and public to like your page. The amount of traffic that you will get for your website largely depends upon the number of followers of your business page. 4. Be available all the time! An appealing profile, a huge network and regular updates are the keys to get success on Facebook. Do not hesitate to update your profile at short intervals.

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