What Makes Funnel Optimization The Game Changer?

What is funnel optimization? Funnel optimization is the process of customizing the path of conversion to attain highest possible conversion rate. Funnel optimization is about encouraging more and more people to complete the goal of the website (which could be selling, signup, etc.). While funnel optimization is categorized as quite a complex technique, but it is equally essential in ensuring that a website is delivering the best possible output. There are a lot of aspect of this process, of which analytics holds the most prominent position. You would need to study the analytics reports carefully to understand the behavior of each visitor, bounce rate, and much more. Funnel Optimization
How can you optimize your funnel for maximum conversions?
Create detailed funnel visualization in Google Analytics
  • Give a name – you first need to give a name to your goal that will further help with the data reports.
  • Define– you can add about 10 pages to the funnel. Through this, you can easily find out where the users are dropping off before completion.
  • Give a value– after giving a name to your goal and defining it, the next step is to give your goal a value. To calculate ROI, giving a value to your goal is very important.
Examining your landing pages Once you are done with Google analytics, the next step is to focus on your landing pages. A landing page should be engaging enough to encourage your visitors to go all the way. Here are the main elements that require your attention-
  • Page headlines– The headline should be catchy and smart. You can experiment with different headlines and see which one turns out to be more effective.
  • Effective call to action buttons– A call to action button should stand out so that it can get more attention. CTAs should be big , bright,  and catchy, for sure.
  • Color combination– Use different text and background color to improve the conversion rate.
  • Images and videos– Try using different images and videos to for a positive impact on the visitors.
Analyze your sign up forms– The next step is analyzing your sign up forms.  The most essential things that should be kept in mind under this section include-
  • Try different headlines for your sign up form
  • Do not use confusing words
  • Proper placement of the text boxes
Building and testing your email conversion – Building an email newsletter is important, but it should include the following-
  • Open text
  • Copy
  • CTA’s
  • Plain text vs. HTML
Run an online 5-seconds test– After you have successfully optimized your funnel for conversions, the last step is to check it through an online test.  Your funnel optimization is successful only if the online trial test shows it to be.

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