What makes Joomla a Powerful CMS?

Ask any web developer ‘which CMS is their favorite’ and you will definitely get Joomla for an answer by the majority. Why? Because, there is no other CMS that allows customizing as comprehensive as it does. Moreover, Joomla is renowned for creation of highly efficient sites. They release updated versions from time to time so that their users can keep up with the latest and advanced technology. What makes Joomla a Powerful CMS They also announce several maintenance releases to resolve issues and fix bugs. With every new version, Joomla gets more and more resourceful. Their last version (3.3) was released on 30 April 2014, and the next version (3.4) will be released on the 17 February 2015. Most Prominent Features of Joomla
  • Content management – Since it is a CMS, it was built to manage content for websites, blogs, intranet etc. It has built in editor that lets users to manage data on sites. With this editor, even new users can work with content without prior knowledge of technicality. There are various layouts that you can use to show data in am attractive way.
  • Media manager – This feature allows users to manage media files (images, videos, etc.) on site. It includes uploading and organizing. It makes it easier for users to add, delete, or manage their media files.
  • Mobile ready – It is also mobile ready. Developers who want to use it for creating and managing mobile and online applications can easily complete their projects. It works with Bootstrap, which helps in creating responsive templates.
Joomla Wheel
  • SEO Connection of Joomla – The new version is power packed with the Microdata and library. It helps users in optimizing their website for search engines, properly. Microdata helps in keeping up with the latest changes in the search engine’s algorithms.
  • Cloud Storage APIs – Users can access cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, and Rackspace through it. Now you will not need the third party extensions for storage purpose.

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