Why B2B companies should take Google+ seriously?

When Google plus was launched, not many of the people who claim to foresee the future of technologies said it would stand anywhere near the Facebook. But see what it has emerged to be, today. Not only, is it almost in the same league, in which Facebook is, but it appears that in a very less time ahead, it would go beyond the reach of any other social network, in terms of big figures. That is the reason why this network is so hyped nowadays. While everyone, these days appears to be getting active on the Google+ profiles, B2B companies in particular, seem to be making the most of this magical social network. Some mind-blowing facts about Google+ that attract B2B companies google plus
  • About 41% of B2C professionals and around 39% of B2B companies use G+ to generate new business.
  • 70% of brands worldwide are on G+
  • As many as 625,000 users join G+ every single day (on an average)
  • G+ has about 350 million active users
  • On an average, every active G+ users remain active for at least 12 minutes each day
In this post, we will get on to how B2B companies are benefitting their businesses from this social network, but before that, let us take a look at the key ingredients of their marketing strategy for Google+. Audience categorization Not everyone who follows you expects the same kind of updates from you. You must understand that and categorize your followers in different circles, so that you can target them, with just what you should. Cross platform marketing If you are posting something on one platform and not leveraging from it on other networks, you are not using social media to the maximum of your benefit. Visual representation Visually appealing content is the number one reason why people log into their social media accounts. If you do not take that seriously, you might have to endure failure in your marketing campaigns on social media platforms. Videos and images (especially GIFs) come to your rescue on G+. Quality posting Update text updates that are informative, not always promotional, and sharable. Yes, inserting your product/service links occasionally can help, but if that is made a habit, it can substantially harm your audience engagement. How B2B companies are benefitting from Google+?
  • Audience engagement
  • Brand promotion
  • Lead generation
  • Boost in SERPs
  • Authorship for their content
  • Competition analysis

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