Why blog commenting has stopped and how can you fix it to get link juice?

Undoubtedly, there are many advantages of an active blog. If you are able to generate excitement and engage users to put their feedback on your blog, you are able to get quality backlinks and SEO juice, which is good for your website traffic and ranking. However, nowadays people do less commenting on blogs due to different reasons, like-
  • Bad commenting system
  • Poor site design
  • Invisibility of previous comments
  • Blog reflects views of corporate entity rather than personalBlog Commenting
  • Boring writing style
  • No original views
  • Nothings valuable in the write-up
  • Discourages interaction
By correcting all the aforementioned things, you can definitely make your blog active and see numerous viewers commenting on your topic. In addition to this, there are few other ways by which you can encourage participation on your blog, which is as follows: Ask for comments- There is no shame in asking for comments, but you need to do it smartly. Following are few tricks by which you can do this:
  • Ask a question- To raise question at the end of your post, encourages people to write their views.
  • Raise issue yourself-To start a conversation in an effective way, start discussion on your own by raising an issue.
  • Make your audience feel their comments are important- Welcoming perspectives and insights of viewers by writing, “I’d love to hear what you think about this issue,” will encourages them to post comments.
Write something valuable-‘Time is money’, therefore readers do not like spending hours on reading content, which is not valuable. So, provide a resourceful piece to them. Create content that support strong emotions and reactions- Content should be written with best of the emotions that motivates viewers to leave a comment.

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