Why Facebook has Removed Likes from Inactive Accounts?

Recent update made by Facebook on March 12 has brought a sensation in the social media industry. In 2012, searches proved that 9% of Facebook accounts were duplicate. Working on it, Facebook came up with an update on March 12, 2015. The update removed all likes from the Facebook pages that were coming from inactive users. Why Facebook has Removed Likes from Inactive Accounts Facebook has taken this step to remove memorialized deceased users, or voluntarily deactivated accounts. This move has benefited businesses in two ways-
  • Provides up-to-date insight of active members– Businesses get accurate insight about the active users who are following their page.
  • Filter out useless data –Filtering likes of inactive users has made data more consistent.
In addition to this update, Facebook has also stated that likes can be re-added when the deactivated account is reused.

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