Why VCO is The Next Big Thing in Internet Marketing?

In the recent times, Visual Content Optimization (VCO) has evolved as a powerful internet marketing technique. According to internet marketing experts, visuals will rule the year 2015. What is visual content optimization? Why is it so important? VCO is the SEO or internet marketing technique in which visuals, graphics and images are used to display content. Whether it is a new idea or some facts or statistic even, every type of information is displayed through graphics. In this technique, visual content replaces text content. It includes infographics, graphics, videos, photos, and even presentations. Visual Content Optimization (VCO) Why use visuals to convey your message, when you can simply show it in text? Because –
  • Human brain processes graphics sixty thousand times faster compare to text.
  • Graphics are usually stored by human brain in the long term memories, while text is stored in short term memory. It means that most people remember what they see instead of what they read.
  • 60% of visitors click on images in SERPs and 67% visitors trust graphics more than text information.
  • Visitors spend more time on web pages with graphics and videos.
  • Videos are shared 12 times more compare to links and text posts combined.
If you are still conflicted over the use of VCO, then read following benefits –
  • It attracts visitors and improves traffic – Visuals including videos, images and infographics can easily grab the attention of visitors. Internet users spend more time on website with graphics. It is a great method to provide information in an interesting way. It also increases traffic for websites.
  • Its social media friendly – Content displayed in visuals is also social media friendly. It is easy for users to share images in social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Since social signals play an important role in the performance of website in SERPs, VCO becomes an important factor in internet marketing.
  • It decreases bounce rate – Visitors like to spend more time where they get information in an interesting ways like infographics. Users spending more time on your web pages will automatically decrease the bounce rate for your website.
  • It increases conversion rate and sales – With increased traffic, decreased bounce rate and better online presence, your website can generate more leads and increase conversion rate. It will also help in increasing sales for your business.
VCO is gradually making its place in online marketing and along with SEO. It’s time for you to use it too for the better performance of your website and better growth your business.

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