Why you should be in love with Bing?

Backed by the solid ethics of Microsoft,Bing is getting bigger and bigger with eachday. Interestingly, this latest search engine is getting 42 million unique visitors and more than 172 searches in a month. How can Bing help your business? Bing boasts of enough traffic, and alike any other search engines, it does also offer people to advertise. Creatinga pay per click campaignwith Bing would not be a bad idea,as it give your business the much needed boost.adwords to bing ads How to get started?
  • Start by creating an account with Bing.
  • Target your audience in the ad center. Here you need tomention who will see your advertisement.
  • Create an advertisement that goes with your products and services.
  • Enter keywords, which you think yourtargeted audiencemightbe usingtoreach your products.
  • Set your budget.
Bing ads versus Google ads
  • The pay per click campaigns implemented on Bing cost less as compared to ad campaigns implemented on Google.
  • Bing advertisements allow you to target audience according to their gender and age whereas it is not possible with Google AdWords.
  • The number of sponsored advertisements that appear on Bing is more than the number of ads appears on Google search index page.

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