Micro-Site Development

A micro-site or “mini-site” is a smaller website with a unique URL created to supplement a primary website. Soft System Solution will create extraordinary micro-sites for your company to feature specific products, services, events, or seasonal promotions that might get lost on your primary website. Our outstanding micro-site development team designs and develops these power-packed mini sites to attract tremendous attention to your featured products and services and link it to your primary site.

Our micro-site specialty is integrating email and print marketing campaigns to draw potential customers to the micro-site. Utilizing creative marketing strategies like contests, sweepstakes, and other incentives, our micro-site designers provide unsurpassed search engine optimization techniques to boost your website’s ranking and make sure your business is found.

In addition, micro-sites are also a fast, cost-effective way for a new company to create a starter site. Although these sites are small, they can create a huge impact in launching new products and lines or running seasonal promotions. Soft System Solution has vast experience and success in this area.

The advantages of our micro-sites are endless. Your company can use them to attract additional links to your products. We can also combine this strategy with an offline marketing campaign.

But the true powers of micro-sites are their indefinite lifespans, the potential bookmarking of your brand, interactivity with your customers, and timeless content. Soft System Solution promises that we can enhance and intensify your marketing efforts with our award-winning micro-site design team.

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