A good website never loses its viewers, in fact most of them come back if they like the design and get all the desired information in an easy format. Every business in NYC wants Web solutions that can improve their online presence dramatically and help them reach new heights of success in the respective fields. But they often fall short as they don’t have the right idea about choosing the right web solutions provider.

Web Services

Here are a few points that will help you determine what to expect when choosing a web solutions service provider:

Motivation & Purpose: Every website out there needs to have a clear idea about what they wish to accomplish with it. They should have a well defined method to manage it and always strive to publish high quality & unique content which is relevant with the theme of the website.

This is where many slip and overlook minute details which if managed properly, would have taken the website to new heights of success. Thus, introspect , brainstorm and find out the true purpose of your website. Here is what you can include in your purpose:

  • Vision & Mission statement of the company

  • Activities undertaken by the business

  • Posting relevant content that helps achieve the mission statement

Clarity of thought: Once you have successfully determined the purpose of your website it is time to become clear about your target audience and design your website accordingly. Your vision should be clearly visible on the website itself and it should communicate the same to your prospective visitors. Here are a few things that can help you create clarity in your website:

  • Give the visitors motivation to stay and read your content

  • Be clear in what you wish to say

  • Have a clean interface

  • Avoid having cluttered information on the website

  • Blogs should be interactive and invite the users to share their views

Easy to use: The success of a website will be directly determined by the number of users it entertains every single day. Just design alone cannot fulfill those needs and the businesses need to know how they can enhance the customer’s experience online. For instance- if you are selling on an ecommerce website then you must have clear and simple filters along with an effective search option. Here are some pointers in this regard:

  • Do not let the visitor get lost or overwhelmed with unnecessary information

  • Have clear paths to what they might be looking for

  • Use more interactive designs and avoid cluttering with too much text

  • Do not test the visitor’s patience or they might never return

Make it accessible: Do not confuse accessibility with usability because they are two different things entirely and face different issues altogether. Here is how you can make your site accessible:

  • Do not make the site inaccessible on any browser

  • Try to create responsive design for mobile devices

  • Do not put any handicaps on your website

  • Have attractive and useful information while keeping the site accessible

Keeping users in mind: The primary focus when creating a website should be on the end users. Will they like what we are trying to create? Ask yourself these questions and then proceed towards designing the website. Remember the following point when considering user focus:

  • A website focused on user will be easy to use and widely accessible

  • Have engaging content on website to make users spend time there

  • Try to provide exactly what the users are looking for on your site

  • Never have anything that would force the users to stay

Website Navigation: It is perhaps the single factor that affects accessibility and usability alike, and holds its own special spot on this list. Here is how navigation can help make your website better:

  • Have the most important pages in clean menus

  • Add relevant links to related pages wherever possible

  • Always have and FAQs page on your website

  • Run a blog section with engaging and informative content

  • Add links to related blog posts on major pages as well

  • Understand which pages the users will most likely like to visit and keep them a front

Include the aforementioned factors along with the appearance of the website. Remember, fancy designs are not a guarantee of your website being successful and if the design stands in the way of usability or any other factor mentioned above then it is time to adopt a clean and easy to use design. The purpose of a design is to complement the existing content on the website and not bury it in any regard. Thus, make sure you follow these directions when creating web presence for your business.

The ease and convenience offered by the mobile applications is immense and is also a crucial aspect for all mobile users. For every phase of life, a mobile application is available or can be custom developed for a particular use. Business enterprises that want to be successful need to build apps that can give them an edge among their competitors.

Mobile Application Development New York


There are several companies for mobile application development in New York region that can create any application that you require. Some of the popular mobile applications developed for various purposes are:

Geolocation Apps:

These are the applications that can locate the geographic coordinates of the mobile with the help of internet and can incorporate GPS for various purposes, such as travel application, navigatory apps, maps and climate prediction. Finding a location of cafe or boutique was never this easy.

Social Networking in New York:

Social networking is a big rage and using social media has become an expression that every youngster does. The mobile applications of social media sites can be used easily for sharing content, and interests.

Multimedia Apps:

Applications that are created for people who are creative and like using apps for editing, and capturing photos, manipulating audio and video files. These applications have universal appeal among the smartphone users for their innovative functionality.

Gaming Apps:

The most download category of mobile applications, gaming apps can be developed to the preferences of people belonging to different age groups. Puzzles, ports, card games, action games and many different creative gaming apps acne be developed. Some of the gaming apps are also used for entertainment or educational purpose.

Educational Apps:

There is now a trend of learning different languages through the application available on apple store or google play. Educational apps are used for research purposes, as study references, and practice source used by kids and adults alike.

Lifestyle Applications:

Lifestyle apps are for specific audience and it can be on any theme:

  • Fashion

  • Cooking

  • Religion

  • History

  • Nature

Organizing Apps:

These days, people have started to use mobile ppas for managing their daily activities. Alarm clocks, notes, stopwatch, calendar, calculator, flashlight and many other apps are used for effectively for various work purposes.

Mobile Marketplace:

The client applications, that store and process data and transfer it to the client side is well favored for mobile commerce shops and other social networks. Easy to use, they can be built for different mobile platforms.


Choosing a qualified mobile app developer can ensure that the application developed has no glitches and has rich functionality. Keep the following points in mind while you select a mobile app developing company:

Technical Know-how:

  • The developer should have good technical knowledge.

  • Complete knowledge of different mobile platforms and operating systems.

  • XCode development and Apple developer guidelines.

  • JAVA programming for android app developers.

Sample Work:

To see the quality of the company’s work, you can ask for their sample work. You can easily evaluate the work and thus, determine whether their work meets the required standards. You can also give them a mini task for sample work, to be sure about their originality and innovation.


Reputation can make a world of difference in ensuring that you get a high quality end product. The online reviews and ratings on various review portals and their website can help you get an idea about their credibility.

Following these aforementioned factors, you can select a seasoned mobile developer who can build a desirable mobile app that meets your benchmarks.

Search engine optimization services are aimed at creating a high ranking for your website among the popular search engines. There are many SEO services in New York region. And choosing the qualified experts for the SEO of your website is essential as the wrong firm can lead to the violation of the Google regulations.

Seo Services in New York

Following are some of the characteristics that should be present in the SEO firm which you want to hire to improve the Google ranking:

Comprehensive Set Of SEO Services:

The SEO firm should offer you complete package of services including content writing, keyword research, social media marketing, and link building so that you can have the best services from the signal provider. The benefit of this is that you can have high quality services with variety of SEO features with just one firm. Otherwise you would have to hire different providers for different services.


The previous clients can tell you the best about the services that the firm provides. Best way to get an insight into the work of the company is to look for the reviews on the company website and other review portals. The testimonials of the previous clients also go a long way in establishing the credibility, customer satisfaction and the professionalism of the SEO firm.

Personalized Solutions:

The SEO firm should charge you for the solutions that are required by you. Some SEO companies offers a package deal, which takes the choice of the customer. A good SEO company would offer myriad of options to the customers depending on their budget and the needs of their business.

Customer Satisfaction:

The SEO company would provide the services that can grant good results in the designated time and provide full customer satisfaction. The quality and the pricing policies of the SEO company should be good and flexible.


The company should have decent experience in the SEO department. The company would be able to handle the complex tasks and efficiently attain the desired results in a professional way. It is important to get experts in this field as they would be able to overcome the difficulties that might arise during your SEO campaign.

Detailed Tasks:

The major tasks of the SEO campaign are providing the suggestions for the use of Javascript and reviewing the website for its content and its web structure, creating content using the SEO, keyword creation, link building, online marketing campaigns and controlling the negative aspects of your brand including reviews, rating, social media and blogs.


The SEO services would also monitor the competitors that are working in the same industry in the same geographical area of your business. The SEO services monitor whether the competitors are using the ethical services or not. And if the competitors are using black hat techniques, they submit the report sites about the violations that are being broken.

That can consequently lead to the penalization or removal of the websites altogether. A good SEO firm would always keep the track of the techniques used by the competitors in check and report when needed. That way, the ranking of your website would be improved as well.

Statistical Reports:

The way to check whether the SEO campaign is going well or not, is getting the reports of the progress in the regular intervals. If the outcome is not going well, that would indicate that the techniques utilized by the SEO firm needs to be changed.

This also lets you know the rate at which the progress is being made. The tracking and the reporting process is prudent for knowing whether or not, the ROI is going to improve or go down and what are the ways you can improve it.

Online reputation management is the technique of establishing a positive on-line influence of any company or business. online-reputation-management The process of controlling the negative or misleading reviews and pushing the positive content further up in the Google ranking, to ensure that the clients only find the positive and relevant content of your business. There are many companies in New York but we offer the best and affordable online reputation management in New York to our clients. WHY HIRE ORM SERVICES? Done in a systematic way, it can counteract the negativity about your business and establish a fresh brand new image, based on which you can build trust and good credibility among your client base.  Though it takes a quite a lot of time and investment, but it is worth the effort to maintain a good reputation of the business in the virtual world. On-line reputation management is the best way to deal with defamatory content filled by the competitors, the slandering bloggers, displeased customers or employees. Usually this type of content is posted in high profile sites, then the search engine results would be showing the same negative content in the beginning whenever anyone tries to Google your business. EFFECTS OF NEGATIVE ELEMENTS negative-element Bad elements such as negative reviews, bad rating or social media slandering can create a very detrimental effect on the credibility of the business. On-line reputation management can be a defensive instrument against bad elements which can ruin the first impression of your clients and also degrade your brand image in the process. The misinformation, is therefore, treated as the true info about your company, thus creating a misconception among the clients. A lot of tactics are employed to maintain and protect the reputation of any business. TACTICS OF ORM  The tactics of on-line reputation management include: Submission of content on various social media websites and maintain the company’s profiles on the social media, You Tube videos, press releases, website content maintenance, and various blog submissions in different platforms to create back-links for high ranking in the search engine results. This all can create a favorable image of the brand and protect the reputation of the company. PERSISTENT WORK Reputation management is always an ongoing process and has to be done consistently in order to reap the positive results. The concerned company can be severely affected even if there is a single negative review about their business swarming the Internet. HIRING THE TRUSTED ORM PROVIDER Hiring a reliable on-line reputation management company can save you a good deal of trouble and loss of business. They can encourage and offer quality content and reviews that can neutralize the damaTrusted-Brandge done by the negative comments and reviews put out by competitors and customers. Gaining a good reputation in the World Wide Web is important if you want your customers to trust you and become your loyal clients, then it is essential for you hire a trusted company that can take responsibility for your business. There are lot of service providers in the industry, so, go for the one that caters your reputation management needs. RESEARCH VENDOR SERVICES The customer testimonials of the customers who the vendor has worked with, and online information including their website and the social media sites can tell you a lot about the ORM service provider you are interested in hiring. research Be aware of the policies and the services of the service provider. Ask the work strategies used by the service provider. If the ORM services they provide don’t sound that impressive or they are not very forthcoming about the details of the services they offer, you should seek some other provider. Depending on the complexity and the amount of work, the charges for the ORM services can vary. Sometimes the strategy plan for reputation management doesn’t works all the time. Make sure that the service provider can offer a strategy that work out according to the current requirement and reputation of your company. Check whether the vendor you want to hire has a trusted credibility and has been verified by a third-party.
On November 5 Microsoft released the latest update to its built-from-the-ground-up browser  Microsoft Edge. For some time now Windows users have complained about the inadequacies of Internet Explorer (IE) and its failure to compete with Google’s Chrome or Firefox. 5 Innovative Features of Edge that prove it’s time to say Goodbye to IE So Microsoft set its sights on developing an all new browser for the latest version of its OS – Windows10. Under a project codenamed ‘Spartan’, Microsoft Edge was developed. Since its initial release in the beginning of 2015, Edge has been both complimented and ridiculed for some of its features. The general consensus is that it has some pretty good new features but still needs a bit of work in plenty of areas. Here is a look at the most outstanding features of Microsoft Edge that experts are happy with. Integration with Cortana Edge comes integrated with Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant for search assist. This is a welcome addition to the browser as it lends convenience and dynamism to searching that has hitherto been lacking in MS browsers i.e. the many versions of internet explorer. Annotation Tools The all new browser comes with a unique new feature that allows you to doodle, highlight or write on any webpage by simply clicking on the ‘Make a note’  option. You can choose from a pen, highlighter, eraser or clipper to make the changes to the web page and then save those changes and even share them with friends. Distraction Free Reading Mode For those who are tired of the many distraction on web pages that interrupt their reading flow, Edge has a special feature that allows you to read any article without any distractions.  The ‘Reading View’ of the browser opens up a clean interface devoid of anything except the content of the article. Sharing via Integrated Share Panel Edge also enables integrated sharing via Share Panel. Just click on the Share icon and a list of all your active social media apps appears. You can easily choose the one you prefer and share stuff with your friends. Analyze Your Site’s Performance Microsoft Edge comes with a unique developer tool that lets you analyze your website’s performance. ‘The Unified Performance Profiler’ is aimed at providing JavaScript and UI responsiveness tools to developers in order to enable a more efficient workflow and help them figure out the kinks that lead to slow website loading so they can remove them. Apart from these unique ones, there are other smaller features as well that make Microsoft Edge a worthy choice when it comes to your go-to browser. By all opinions there is still some work that needs to be done on Edge to make it a competitor of Chrome and Firefox but there is also across the board consensus that it’s time to say goodbye to the old Internet Explorer.
Call to Action (CTA) is the button used when you want your website visitors to make a certain action. These buttons have a great impact on the productivity of a website, which is why they are designed with caution. Some of the most commonly used CTAs are-
  • Buy now
  • Add to cart
  • Sign-up for a free trail
  • Request a quote
Why your website needs a CTA button? Call To Action CTAs are of great use for your website because-
  • They directly impact the conversion rate.
  • These buttons helps in increasing the efficiency of a website.
  • Through CTAs, website owners guide their visitors.
  • Effective CTAs can reduce the bounce rate of a site.
While these are definitely the most prominent characteristics of CTAs, there is a long list of other benefits of these buttons. Some people debate against the use of call to action buttons on all pages. Well, they may have their own reasons, but it is unarguably true that every webpage has a purpose. Since that is true, there must a button to encourage visitors to take the next step and fulfill the purpose of that page. There could not be any simpler context to understand the need of CTA button on all pages. Since the first question has been resolved, now let us jump onto the other one- How to create effective CTAs? Here are 6 tips for designing the most effective call to action buttons-
  1. Determine your goal– Before creating a CTA you should have a clear goal in mind- what action you want your visitors to perform next.
  2. Know your audience– You must know your targeted audience to offer them what they need. This will help you create CTA according to the user’s requirement. CTA’s that are created according to the user’s needs do better.
  3. Neat and Smart- CTAs must be neat and smart. It should only include the point referring the particular action that is to be performed. In addition, it should not be more than five words in total.
  4. Sense of urgencyThe text should promote a sense of emergency. That way you encourage your visitors to click that button right away.
  5. Choices of colorsMake use of eye-catchy and make it big, bold, and attention grabbing. Make sure the color you choose gets attention to your button.
  6. Placement The placement of your button is very important. Position your CTA where it is likely to get maximum numbers of clicks.
Why WordPress? Why should I shift my old website to WordPress? Often website owners have these questions in their mind. If you too think the same way, then you are not doing anything unusual. In this document, we have compiled few points that will explain you the importance of WordPress, and what makes it developers/marketers’ favorite. Why WordPress is Best for SEO Why WordPress? Gone are the days when WordPress was just considered a blogging platform. With time, it has evolved as a content management system (CMS). Today, most of the developers use WordPress for creating effective websites. According to a recent survey, 74.6 million websites run on WordPress. Reason behind its dominance-
  • Open source– The term open source means it is free to download, install, use, and modify. Moreover, approximately 2600 themes and 31,000 plugins are available free to make your WordPress site even more functional.
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Thousands of available themes and plugins
  • Search engine compatible– It is compiled of code and semantic markup that helps create search engine friendly website.
  • Easy to manage
  • Safe and secure
  • Handle different media types– It is not just constrained to textual content only, but it provides the ability to embed images, audio, videos, and what not.
Besides its popularity amongst developers, WordPress has been tremendously popular among web marketers as well. Its credibility to maximize site’s SEO potential is worth considering for marketing purpose. Following are few things which if handled properly, can make a WordPress site highly SEO friendly-
  • Using SEO friendly design– Right design brings good business sales and ranking. Thus, optimal SEO compatible design is ought to be chosen. Factors to consider in this regard include page loading speed, responsiveness, user experience, and code structure.
Wordpress is SEO Friendly CMS Platform
  • Use of plugins– With use of W3 Total Cache, WP Smush It, Yoast, Cloudflare and few other plugins, SEO optimization of a site can be done effectively.
  • Permalinks – For making a WordPress website SEO friendly, permalinks are introduced, which seems to be like- http://example.com/?p=N being changed to http://example.com/2012/post-name/
Word of wisdom – WordPress helps in creating a customized and optimized SEO friendly website that holds the potential to do wonders in the Search Engine Result Pages.
Server response time is the time taken in getting response from the server after sending a request. According to Google Page Speed InsightsServer response time should be under 200ms Factors that affect response time of server
  • Slow running of logical queries
  • Solving database queries slowly
  • Slow routing
  • Framework
  • Lack of memory
  • Libraries
Google Page Speed Insights Outcomes of slow server response time
  • Affects indexation process
  • High bounce rate
  • Bad user experience
Factors that help in determining server response timeTraffic coming on the site With increased traffic on the site, webpage loading time speed slows down. This is because increased traffic increases resource usage. Resource usage by a website For viewing a web page each time, web server is accessed, which keeps the resources occupied. With website resources being occupied, the other functioning at the backend gets slow, eventually affecting the response time. Resource Usage by a website Steps for reducing resource usage –
  • Optimize code by combining CSS files
  • Combine JavaScript files
  • Optimize images
  • Impact of keep-alive (determine how communication is carried out between webserver and browser)
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript
Web hosting Right web hosting is necessary for improved server response time. Row of network servers in data center Following are few recommendations for improving web hosting-
  • WordPress hosting- WordPress specific web hosting is must if a server is using WordPress frequently.
  • Shared hosting- For effective functioning of websites, shared hosting is preferred. Bluehost is a widely used shared website hosting platform.
  • VPS hosting- When your site gets too big for shared hosting, you can opt for VPS.
  • Dedicated server- When you need more than VPS hosting, you need a dedicate server.
  • Cloud server- In this, virtual server is put into action. This helps in managing the resources optimally.
  • Content delivery network- It is based on the geographic location of the user. Storing and accessing of files can easily be done from any part of the world by this method.
  • Caching- WordPress sites linked with PHP often slowdown the servers speed because server requires handling various other files. Caching WordPress files provides users static files directly, thus reducing load on the server.
Web Server Use of the right web server (Apache, Nginx and Litespeed) is necessary to improve the response time. Web server wise benefits- Apache
  • Free of cost
  • Easily configurable
  • PHP server side scripting language runs on Apache at an average pace
  • Free of cost
  • Uses less resources
  • Handles traffic efficiently
  • It has the fastest server response time
  • PHP runs on Apache at a fast pace
  • It is available in both free and paid versions
  • Much faster than Apache and Nginx
  • Easily compatible with Apache
  • PHP server side scripting language runs at a much faster pace on Litespeed
Credit: Patrick Sexton
Talking to developers about C#, they find it most simple, compatible, dynamic, and object-oriented programming language. Learning c# is very easy, if one knows about Java or C++. However, many may think completely the other way round. Probably they are not aware with its facts and features, or they have some misconceptions.

Why C# language is developers dearest

Before we get on to understand what it is, let us take a quick look what are the widely presumed misconceptions about C# that has restricted many developers from using this language- Myths-
  • “It is only Microsoft’s property”- Well answer to this is no! Microsoft did developed it, but ECMA and ISO approved it.
  • “It can only run in Windows”- This fact is not true. As it is Common Language Infrastructure, it can function on any platform.
  • “It runs efficiently on Windows and not on Linux “- The C# compiler is not specifically designed for Windows, but for other versions as well like Linux. Thus, it can run efficiently on all operating systems.
Reading the afore-mentioned points it is quite clear that there are no grounds of it but are mere myths. Now once we are clear with C# myths, let us now get started to read about it and its advantages. What is C# (C sharp)? C# is an object oriented programming language designed for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It is most simple, yet an effective programming language including strong typing feature. Different versions of C#
  • C# 1.0
  • C# 1.2
  • C# 2.0
  • C# 3.0
  • C# 4.0
  • C# 5.0
  • C# 6.0
C# helps to build a safe and robust application on .NET framework, which is why this language is dearest to developers. Following are few other advantages of this language that states its importance for developers- Advantages of C # Advantages of C#-
  • C# is simple to understand and easy to learn language
  • No need of COM plumbing or registry lookups because namespace and classes can easily be imported in this language.
  • C# supports XML comments
  • Its syntax are easy as compared to other languages like C++
  • Operator overloading function can easily be applied in it, which is not there in VB.NET
  • Access to memory directly is possible in it
  • Nested classes can easily be derived in this language, which is allowed in C and C++
  • The biggest advantage of this language is it support reflection mechanism
  • C# can easily be used in conjunction with .NET language
Bootstrap is one of the most popular and powerful frameworks for the front end web development. It is an open source framework that uses hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS) for website development. It is used for creating faster, responsive, and SEO friendly websites. How Bootstrap Empowers Web Designing To Deliver Brilliant Results Developers can build mobile friendly responsive projects that are compatible with all devices. Below mentioned are the top 7 features of Bootstrap– Templates & themes – Developers get multiple templates and themes with it, in which they can make changes according to their project. It helps you to make better websites. Navigation bars – You get multiple choices in navigation bars that you can use in your website. There are fixed, static, and customized options that can be added in projects. Dashboard – It offers structure for dashboard with built in navigation and sidebars. HTML tool – You can use tool (Bootlint) to identify errors in HTML code. It will ensure that your website has flawless code. Supported browsers – It is engineered to provide support for different devices’ screens and browsers. It provides support for various platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X. It provides support for different browsers in these platforms such as Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. HTML & CSS – It allows developers to add various HTML and CSS components like tables, typography, forms, media objects, buttons (of different sizes and state) and dropdowns in their projects. It provides an advanced grid system for this purpose. This system includes columns, classes, and gutters for developers. You can develop mobile friendly sites with these components. JavaScript – Developers can add aspects like transition, button, scrollspy, tooltips, and tabs to enhance websites. However, it does not officially support third party libraries. You can download it in either precompiled or source code form. You can also immobilize the responsiveness of this framework according to the requirements of your project.