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June 5, 2012

How to gauge the target audience for a website and have the maximum outreach

The strategy of search engine optimization has taken the world by storm with websites diligently striving to rank better than their competitors on...

June 4, 2012

All about Semantic Keyword Generation and the help of advanced search options from Google

“Keyword “- that magical concoction for anyone involved in search engine optimization. An important aspect of any search engine process is the...

May 26, 2012

Rich Snippets & Markups – Works like glue that glues a Surfer to a Web Page

Have you ever wondered how some websites are turning into currency printing machines despite of their poor home pages and why some 'piece of work'...

May 23, 2012

Google too Google for Improving Search Experience at Google.com

Righteously claimed by search honcho Google, “it is not only our users who Google, we also Google for our users in order to make their search...

May 21, 2012

Meet the New Bing – Microsoft is all set to Re-Launch Bing with a Three Column Search Results and a Social Sidebar

Bing has been reinstated, offering improved search results, which tap into the power of social network media. In a few coming days, the online...

May 18, 2012

Did you just miss the Google’s recent updates? No worries, we have retread here!

Google, the search leader understands the importance of introducing new things, applications and utilities. This is what makes their professional...

May 14, 2012

Bing Launches Social Sidebar and Snapshot

Bing has re-launched their search engine today and it will certainly change the way the normal internet user make use of search on the web. In...

May 11, 2012

Hot Shot Tips for Tackling Website’s Bounce Rate Problem

Bounce rate is the measure of how many people come to a website and leave without checking out any other page. It is truly the most basic...

May 8, 2012

Steps to Avoid Penalty for Over-Optimization

Yesterday, my boss came to me with a worried look; he was concerned with the latest buzz of over optimization happing in the field of SEO (Search...

May 3, 2012

Choose ‘Paid Advertising’ for Effective Promotion of a Website

Today, there are so many websites on the internet, which have successfully gained respectable positions on different search engines. In order to...

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